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* Magenta Orchids
* 2.5 Inch Diameter Gray Pot
* Stands about 6-10 Inches Tall
Pink Mini Orchid

USD 70.24
This celebratory Pink Vibrance Orchid will look amazing in any room of your home. It also makes for an exceptional gift no matter the occasion! Caring for your new orchid plant couldn't be simpler. Just add three ice cubes to the top of the soil once a week, and watch your beauty bloom!

* Premium Dyed Pink Orchid
* 5
Pink Vibrance

USD 95.78
Prepare to be dazzled by this unique and vibrant dyed green orchid plant! It makes a beautiful gift for a graduation, housewarming, get well, or birthday. Show that friend, family member, or special someone how sweet you think they are with this radiant Sweet Pea Green Orchid!

* Premium Dyed Green Orchid
* 5
Sweet Pea Green

USD 95.78
Feast your eyes upon the exquisite beauty of this Purple Mystique Orchid. Brilliant hues of blue, purple and magenta shine through the delicate petals creating a stunningly bright explosion of color. It is also splendidly easy to care for. Just add three ice cubes on top of the soil, once a week, and watch it bloom!

* Premium Dyed Purple Orchid
* 5
Purple Mystique

USD 95.78

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